Pima County working to reduce jail population

Pima County working to reduce jail population

PIMA COUNTY, ARIZONA - Pima County is working to reduce the number of people in jail by connecting them with services.

In April, the county launched the Behavioral Health Specialty Caseload aimed at connecting services with people who have been arrested.

Now, Director of Pre-trial Services Domingo Corona is calling this program a success.

He said they were able to connect 23 people with services so they wouldn't have to wait in jail until their court date.

Corona said when someone gets arrested they meet with pre-trial services. They do an assessment to check employment history, do a background check, and even check if there is a history of drug abuse.

Depending on the finding, the person may be eligible to get connected to services so they don't have to wait in jail until their next court date.

Corona said judges often keep people in jail before their trial because they are at risk of not showing up to court.

"For that population, it is a recommendation against release because of past issues with failure to appear, past history with re-arrest, so we are hoping with this population we can offer services and assistance to get services," he said.

Right now, the county is only targeting a specific population but it hopes to expand the program to everyone.

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