Documents provide glimpse into investigation of Vail teen's death

Josh Lelevier (Source: Tucson Police Department)
Josh Lelevier (Source: Tucson Police Department)
Published: Jun. 1, 2017 at 7:26 PM MST|Updated: Jun. 2, 2017 at 1:53 PM MST
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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Newly released documents are shedding more light into the death of Vail teen Jayden Glomb.

A search warrant was released Friday, June 2, one day after the Tucson Police Department's Interim Complaint.

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Jayden, 13, was reported missing by her family on May 11. That same day, her body was found in a desert area less than 2 miles from her home.

Josh Lelevier, Jayden's stepfather, was eventually arrested on charges of first-degree murder and abandoning or concealing a body.

According to the search warrant, Jayden's shorts were torn and her sweatshirt and bra were pulled up near her shoulders. Despite the torn clothing, the documents stated, "there was no indication of sexual assault."

Police said they found two marks on her right leg which were "consistent with a dining fork."

Blood was found in Jayden's mouth, nose and eyes. She also had bruising under her right eye.

Some of the items police took from the family home include: desktop computer, laptops, tablets, electronic charging cords, paperwork, cell phones, photographs, men's and women's shoes, kitchen utensils, clothing, bedding and a mattress top.

According to the TPD Interim Complaint released Thursday, June 1, Jayden's body showed signs she had been asphyxiated and there was a ligature mark on her throat.

The TPD said there was blood around Jayden's nose and mouth and while she was not wearing any shoes or socks, her feet were clean.

Jayden lived in Vail with her mother and stepfather, Joshua Lelevier. Lelevier was arrested Wednesday, May 31, and charged with first-degree murder and abandoning or concealing a body.

Lelevier told police he noticed Jayden missing from their home at about 1:30 a.m. May 11, according to the documents. He said he continued to search for her and the family reported Jayden missing a few hours later.

Lelevier claimed he drove around the neighborhood looking for Jayden and denied going near where her body was found. Authorities said surveillance video shows a vehicle that appeared to be Lelevier's pick-up truck drive on the street near the crime scene.

Authorities said they found Jayden's blood smeared in two locations on her mother's Chevy Traverse. They also said they found tire tracks matching the Traverse at the spot where Jayden's body was dumped.

During the investigation, Lelevier called detectives to tell them he had found a key in his front yard while cleaning up cigarette butts. According to the complaint, detectives said the key was so well hidden they could not see it "until they got down on the ground to look." The key was to the Chevy Traverse and Lelevier claimed it had to be a spare the family kept in a drawer in their kitchen.

Forensic examination of Jayden's computer indicated it was used at times when Lelevier was the only adult in the house and someone searched for information on the topics like "suicide, drugs and exsanguination."

Again, when Lelevier was the only adult in the home the computer was used to create a document titled "Everyone is against me all the time." The TPD said the file could be interpreted as a suicide note and was signed with the name "Jayden."

According to the search warrant, the file was deleted from the computer during the time Lelevier said he woke up and found Jayden missing. Police were able recover the document.

One person interviewed by the TPD said Lelevier was wearing a sweatshirt when Jayden went missing, which she said was odd because it was not cold outside. The person said the sweatshirt was dirty and had "plant matter on it, as if he had been out in the desert."

The same person told the TPD that Lelevier had two pair of shoes go missing after Jayden died and he bought new shoes to replace them. The TPD said Lelevier refused to give a statement to police.

On May 22, Lelevier called the Pima County Sheriff's Officer to say he had been attacked in his backyard by an unknown person.

"Joshua claimed he was writing a letter to Jayden, his dead stepchild, and he went out into his backyard," an investigator said in the search warrant. "He claimed an arm came around him and someone started strangling him with an unknown item around his neck. He was pulled back and passed out. He said he woke up on the ground, and had a cut on his shirt and pants, and a linear mark on the side of his neck."

The investigator said the mark seemed to be a scratch, there was no other indications Lelevier had been strangled and they found a copper cord in the shape of a loop tossed on the ground.

Lelevier remains behind bars at the Pima County Jail on a $500,000 bond.

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