Tucson doctor hopes to calm flu shot fears

Tucson doctor hopes to calm flu shot fears

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Flu season is around the corner which means you've likely seen signs popping up around town reminding you to get vaccinated.

The Center for Disease Control advises to get the flu shot at least by the end of October. Doctors say that's because it could take up to two weeks for the shot to fully kick in.

There are many fears surrounding the flu vaccine. Dr. Misty Colvin, who runs the urgent care centers at Northwest and Oro Valley hospitals said patients are often afraid of becoming ill after getting the flu shot.

She said although patients can experience some minor flu-like symptoms, the vaccine will likely not make them sick.

"The vaccine that's recommended this year is completely killed," explained Dr. Colvin. "It should not be able to give you illness but what it does do is stimulates your body to produce antibodies that are protective."

Each year, vaccines are updated to correspond with changing viruses. This year, doctors hope the vaccine will produce fewer side effects.

Also new this season, the CDC no longer recommends flu mist. The spray has been offered for years, but Dr. Colvin said doubts about its effectiveness began to surface last season.

Click here to see the CDC's full recommendations for this year's flu season.

If you'd like to get vaccinated, click here for clinics and other locations.

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