Surveillance video catches suspected thief on Tucson's west side

Surveillance video catches suspected thief on Tucson's west side

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Folks living on the west side of Tucson need your help tracking down a thief.

They said a man has been canvassing neighborhoods near Grant and Silverbell in the Ironwood Ridge neighborhood and the Barrio Hollywood area.

"Three minutes, he was in and he was out," burglary victim, Frank Corral said.

Surveillance cameras capture a man riding his bike up Corral's driveway just before 10 a.m. on Thursday morning. Seconds later the crook begins to pick through the property. Corral was working out of town when his security alert system went off.

"It'll ring to me and tell me when someone's right there," Corral said.

He watched this crime play out in his carport. But Corral was miles away, and realized with the spotty cell coverage, the video was delayed. So by the time he saw it the criminal had already come and gone.

"It already happened an hour ago…so you feel helpless," Corral said.

He said the thief stole a blow torch, an electronic scale and tools. Corral showed Tucson News Now the point when the man spots himself on the security camera, but doesn't get spooked off.

"He sees the camera right there – ha," Corral said.

Corral posted on the App "Next Door" to warn his neighbors to be on the look-out, but soon discovered he wasn't the only victim.

"Probably within 30 minutes of doing that, there were five people that said, hey I know this guy. He was in my porch and he took some stuff," Corral said.

Now Tucson Police are working to track down the thief, but Corral is worried until the suspect is caught, he may continue to burglarize other homes and someone could get hurt.

"That's a real concern that someone is going to walk out, see him there, he's going to get spooked and do something," Corral said.

If you recognize the suspect call 88-CRIME.

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