DACA renewal deadline arrives as future of program remains uncertain

DACA renewal deadline arrives as future of program remains uncertain

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - DACA recipients across the country have less than 24 hours to renew their DACA permit if it expires before March of next year.

The Oct. 5th deadline comes as the future of the program remains uncertain. Last month, the Trump administration announced an end to the Obama-era program.

It allowed undocumented immigr ants, brought to the United States as children, to apply for renewable two-year permits to live and work in this country.

Recipients whose permit expires between Sept. 5th and March 5, 2018, are allowed to renew their permits.

Immigration attorneys and organizations have been hosting clinics for weeks to help with the paperwork, with some even providing financial support for the $495 renewal fee.

Tucson attorney, Doralina Luna, and other lawyers have been helping at those clinics. She said the turnout hasn't been as high as she'd hoped. She fears that's a sign that recipients are getting discouraged following the recent White House announcement.

"I think a lot of people are in fear and I can't tell them not to be afraid," she said. "All I can say is be prepared. Let's be prepared. Find out what you quality for. Go talk to the consulate of your country. And find out, do you qualify for something else."

Dario Andrade Mendoza works with an organization who is helping with the renewal process. He is a DACA recipient himself and said he hopes lawmakers can come up with a solution soon. He said the news of ending the program has left many people feeling nervous.

"So it gave you some ability to plan long-term, so going to school would actually make sense," he said. "You'd have in-state tuition or you'd have stable jobs that you can save up for and actually make plans, but now that it has been taken away people's lives have completely changed."

On Wednesday, Oct. 4th, Democratic senator Dick Durbin and Republic senator Lindsey Graham, will hold an event pushing for the DREAM Act. More than 100 so-called "dreamers" will be in attendance.

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