TUSD among 800 websites hacked over the weekend

TUSD among 800 websites hacked over the weekend

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Some Tucson Unified School District parents are concerned after what looks to be Islamic State propaganda on the district's website.

Over the weekend a hacker group went on a spree. They left pictures of Saddam Hussein and the King of Saudi Arabia on around 800 school district websites, including TUSD's.

Staff with TUSD released the following statement to Tucson News Now Monday, Nov. 6 saying the images have been taken down.

"Our technical staff discovered that a small file had been injected into the root of one of the SchoolDesk websites, redirecting approximately 800 school and district websites to an iFramed YouTube page containing an audible Arabic message, unknown writing, and a picture of Saddam Hussein.

However, School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies Professor Faten Ghosen doesn't think this hack was the work of ISIS. She says ISIS' propaganda is normally well-thought out and organized. "They don't have like a strategy. It just seems to be random."

In this hack their messages were mixed.

Professor Ghosen added that ISIS does not focus on just Arabs; they focus on the Islamic community.

Natasha Betancourt, mother of a TUSD student, was still concerned after looking at snapshots of the hacked TUSD webpage. "Yeah it is kind of scary knowing that our school website can be hacked like that with our kids information."

Ghosen is asking everyone to not jump to any conclusions, "Don't be scared. There is nothing in here for the students specifically. There's nothing here about a recruitment strategy. We don't want to be afraid. That's just plays into what they want us to do."

The website was back to normal hours after it was hacked.

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