DACA advocates call on Congress to act sooner than later

DACA advocates call on Congress to act sooner than later

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Several people filled Congresswoman Martha McSally's office Tuesday morning in Tucson. It was the same day that nearly three dozens Republican lawmakers sent a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan calling for action on the Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals.

U.S. Representative McSally is not one of the 34 Republican lawmakers on that letter.

Similar campaigns for change are happening around the country this week, which will lead up to a national march in Washington D.C.

Anakarina Rodriguez, with Mi Familia Vota, said people will return to McSally's office Wednesday morning as well. She said they'll be back several more times in the coming weeks to make sure Republican lawmakers know that DACA supporters want to see a bill before the new year.

"We want to ensure that we want to keep our families together for the holidays," she said.

Ryan has said before that there's no need to worry about the matter before the current DACA law ends in March.

Tucson City Councilor Regina Romero said she plans to collect the support of her fellow city leaders to send a formal letter to Congress in support of "clean" DACA bill to be passed sooner than March. By clean, she means a bill that's not connected to other immigration issues like border security.

"DACA recipients and their families should be a chip to be used to negotiate anything else," said Romero. "The time is now."

A "clean" bill could be questionable. A statement from McSally's team Tuesday mentioned non-DACA issues. Spokesperson Kelly Schibi said the following statement:

"Congresswoman McSally is advocating for a solution that provides some certainty for DACA recipients, while at the same time taking steps to ensure this doesn't happen again a generation from now by addressing very real issues our nation is facing, such as securing our border and moving towards a more merit-based immigration system."

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