Motorcycle lane-splitting could soon be legal in Arizona

Motorcycle lane-splitting could soon be legal in Arizona

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - One Arizona lawmaker is hoping to cut down on traffic by legalizing lane-splitting for motorcyclists.

The proposed bill, SB 1007,  would allow motorcycle riders to pass a vehicle in the same lane as the car and ride between lanes of traffic.

A similar bill was discussed years ago but struck down in 2010.

Now, Arizona Sen. David Farnsworth is bringing it back up, but drivers and motorcyclists alike believe this proposed legislation is not safe.

"I think it is dangerous because there is too little reactionary time," said Mike Pannone, a motorcycle rider. "God knows we have some many people who have problem texting and driving, as a motorcycle rider, I would never do it if it was afforded to me."

One driver said she, along with other drivers, have a lot to focus on and adding lane-splitting for motorcycles to the list will be difficult.

"We have a tendency not to pay attention then swerving going in and out of the lanes, although it is provided for them, it may cause some issues," said Mary Garrow.

The bill will be discussed in January.

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