Tucson Parks and Recreation prepare for freezing temperatures

Updated: Dec. 21, 2017 at 6:52 PM MST
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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - When the temperatures go this low, southern Arizona's parks are at risk.

Tucson News Now caught up with Parks and Rec employees to see how they prepare for freezing temps which can be a threat to the grass fields, drinking fountains and even workers.

"Layers, gloves, two jackets that's it you can wear a beak or a beanie that's it," said one worker, when asked how they deal with the cold temperatures.

Sometimes even multiple layers aren't enough when it is too cold to work, that is when crews will spend the first part of the morning working inside.

"We got supplies to get prepared for tomorrow. We work the first part of the day inside, paint our facility and do that type of stuff," said another worker.

Then once things heat up, crews head for the fields, tackling daily maintenance and checking for problem areas.

"We do have the big park out there. We have back flows and pipes the bathrooms, you know some of the bathrooms have exposed copper pipes and we have to be aware and inspect them after a heavy freeze."

They are even offering up a few tips for people to remember during freezing weather - Don't leave hoses out in the yard, don't try to break the water out of a frozen hose and if the hose is away from the house - drain it, wrap it up and even cover it.

Those who plan to visit or walk at a public park in the next few days, Parks and Rec employees tell us to watch for icy areas near water, especially with it being so cold over the next couple of days.

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