Gate closed at Saguaro National Park East

Gate closed at Saguaro National Park East
A sign greeted visitors to Saguaro National Park East

PIMA COUNTY, AZ (Tucson News Now) - It was an unusual sight at Saguaro National Park East.

There were several cars lined up along Freeman Street and the entrance gate to the park was locked, all due to the government shutdown.

The park is allowing visitors to hike or ride a bike on the trails, but you would do it at your own risk. That's because the park has very limited services at this time.

They have gone from 65 employees down to 12. Those 12 stayed because they provide some sort of life and park safety role. There's no guarantee they will get paid for the work they're doing.

As for the 53 employees that have been furloughed. They were given four hours to pack their things and leave the park.

As a result, the visitor's center, and restrooms were closed. There are no trail guides and nobody left to empty the trash cans.

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