GREAT NEWS: Tucson woman gets father's ashes back

GREAT NEWS: Tucson woman gets father's ashes back
Leslie Janes Moll is pleading with the suspected burglars of her home to please return her father’s stolen ashes. They sat where his picture sits now.

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Leslie Janes Moll received some great news this weekend.

Her father's ashes were stolen during a burglary in late January, but they were returned this past weekend.

Moll told Tucson News Now a woman handed the ashes over to police on Saturday, Feb. 3, and the funeral home confirmed the ashes were her father's Monday morning.

Below is the original story published on Jan. 29.

Leslie Janes Moll spent Monday afternoon clearing out what's left, moving from a home filled with 11 years worth of goods and memories.

"This was kind of the straw that broke the camel's back, if you will. I just was done. Nope, no more," she told Tucson News Now.

She returned from a couple days out of town on Wednesday, Jan. 24, to find her home had been ransacked and many of her valuables were stolen. She said the thieves broke in through the back door by smashing the glass window.

She returned to see her front door ajar and her TV stolen, among other items.

"Right away I noticed them. I mean, you look for the obvious things when somebody comes to your home and steals from you," she said.

Her spirit was broken. But it wasn't until two days later, as she was preparing to move into a new home, that her heart was broken, too.

"We were packing up my house. That's when I realized that we couldn't find my father's ashes," she said.

The velvet bag holding Edward Janes' ashes once sat on a table in her den at 4559 E. Malvern Street in Tucson. They were the physical remains of the man who died one year ago, in Jan. 2017, following a stroke.

She spent time, "Unpacking everything to make sure that he wasn't maybe even misplaced. He's not there," she said.

It's why she's enlisted the help of her neighbor, Dan Maas, who was happy to volunteer.

Since Leslie is moving out of the neighborhood and won't be around to get the ashes back, Maas has opened his door. Rather, his door step.

They are asking that whomever took the ashes simply leave them there for him at 4553 E. Malvern Street to find, with no questions asked.

Tucson Police detectives are reviewing the case and came out to the property to investigate. Department officials said this is an open and ongoing investigation.

"Of all the things you can replace. We're hoping that somebody just brings this back and can bring a little bit of peace to Leslie," Maas said. "You hate to see things like this happen. When it does happen, you've got to support the people around you that you care about."

It's the only thing she cares about, too.

"Do I want my other things back? Sure. But do I want my father back? I want my father back more than I want any of the rest of it," Leslie said. "You want my purses? Keep my purses. You want my TV? Keep it. But bring me back my father."

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