READ: Sen. McCain issues statement about attacks on FBI, DOJ

READ: Sen. McCain issues statement about attacks on FBI, DOJ
Arizona Senator John McCain.

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - As a controversial memo about the Russia probe was released to the public, Arizona Senator John McCain lashed out on the recent attacks on the FBI and Justice Department.

On Friday, Feb. 2, the White House declassified the memo and the House Intelligence Committee released the document, which can be read HERE.

The memo alleges the FBI abused U.S. government surveillance powers in its investigation into Russian election interference.

President Donald Trump, who advocated for the memo's release over the fierce objections of the Justice Department and the FBI, told reporters the document shows "a lot of people should be ashamed of themselves."

"The top Leadership and Investigators of the FBI and the Justice Department have politicized the sacred investigative process in favor of Democrats and against Republicans - something which would have been unthinkable just a short time ago. Rank & File are great people!" Trump tweeted.

McCain, an outspoken critic of President Trump, issued the following statement:

"In 2016, the Russian government engaged in an elaborate plot to interfere in an American election and undermine our democracy. Russia employed the same tactics it has used to influence elections around the world, from France and Germany to Ukraine, Montenegro, and beyond. Putin's regime launched cyberattacks and spread disinformation with the goal of sowing chaos and weakening faith in our institutions. And while we have no evidence that these efforts affected the outcome of our election, I fear they succeeded in fueling political discord and dividing us from one another.

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