VIDEO: Long-term sub no longer with TUSD after students clash in class

VIDEO: Long-term sub no longer with TUSD after students clash in class

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A mother worried about the violence in her daughter's classroom at Blenman Elementary School gave her daughter a cell phone to document any fights or flare-ups.

Shamika High said her daughters have been disciplined at the school, but they complained about other students seeming to cause trouble and remain in the classroom. High said she alerted administrators about the violence but felt ignored.

"No one is helping me with this problem," she said. "So I said 'Baby, take my phone to school and you record everything that you see and you write down everything that you see."

The video reached school and Tucson Unified School District administrators. It shows children screaming as two girls circle a desk. The two can be seen in another video recorded a day earlier.

This time one girl is holding a pair of scissors. An adult appears to be sitting in a chair away from the action for thirty seconds. High said it's upsetting to see because she believes the response would have been quicker if one of her daughters were involved.

"I was hurt because I know that my children have been in the same experience and it's dealt with immediately," she said.

This case was handled as soon as leadership became aware of it, according to a statement from the school district. It read, in part, that policies were followed in regards to student behavior and the long-term substitute who appears in the video no longer works for TUSD.

A long-term sub is someone who works for more than 15 days in the same position.

Following this situation, new routines and procedures are in place in the classroom to ensure a safe, learning environment, according to the TUSD statement.

High said she'd like to see more resources, whether it be more teachers or a school resource officer, on campus.

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