VIDEO: Woman alleges discrimination at Tucson gas station

VIDEO: Woman alleges discrimination at Tucson gas station
Guadalupe Lopez

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A Tucson woman alleges she was kicked out of a local gas station because she and her friends were speaking Spanish.

Guadalupe Lopez said the group stopped by the Shell gas station near East Prince Road and North Campbell Avenue on Friday, Feb. 16, after an outing to celebrate Valentine's Day.

She admits they were being loud and said the clerk told them to quiet down.

At one point, Lopez said the clerk told the group that a fellow employee couldn't understand them and they had to leave.

As things escalated, a person in the group pulled out a phone and began recording. In one of the videos, the clerk is seen holding a door open. Lopez said the clerk denied them access to the bathroom.

The clerk eventually called police and the group left the store before officers arrived.

The following day, Lopez took to social media to post about the situation. The videos quickly gained traction and have been shared nearly 15,000 times.

Lopez said she believes the woman kicked them out solely because they were speaking Spanish.

"I think what bothered her is that we went into the store as Hispanics speaking Spanish. That's why I take it as an act of racism," she said.

Tucson News Now briefly spoke with the clerk, who called her manager. The manager directed us to corporate, which released the following statement:

"Respect is a core value and it is paramount that we provide all customers with superior customer service. We take this issue very seriously. We have conducted an investigation and the matter has been closed. It is store policy to provide quality service to all customers." - Scott LaBelle, Andeavor Media Relations

Meanwhile, as the post continues to spread on social media, Lopez says people across the country have reached out to her, some offering support and others bashing her.

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