UA fans consider teams future without Sean Miller court side Saturday

Updated: Feb. 24, 2018 at 11:00 PM MST
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PIMA COUNTY, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Current students and alumni agreed, the news of a bribery scandal attached to their beloved team was disappointing.

"It's all just fallen apart in the last couple of days and it's really disappointing," said John Partin, a freshman at the University of Arizona. 

These are feelings felt among Wildcat fans after the FBI wiretap allegations against Sean Miller were reported by ESPN. The report accused him of wanting to pay Deandre Ayton $100,000 to play for the Arizona basketball team.

The big news has other students questioning why something like this matters in the first place.

U of A freshman Sam Sheeter explained, "I don't think our federal resources and taxpayers money should be working on something as juvenile as college basketball."

It's a college basketball crisis as the future of the Arizona team remains unknown.

Especially worrisome for freshman John Partin, who has attended every home game this year.

He suggested, "I believe we're going to have to make some changes and get a new coaching staff after this."

Several fans are afraid a scandal like this could deter players from coming to the university.

Those announcements have already been made from some top recruits for the university, like Shaq's son, Shareef O'Neal - who tweeted about reopening his recruitment. 

Partin weighed in, "It looks like a dirty program to the nation." 

Similar sentiments also came from alums like David Bichoff. Bichoff graduated in 1984, the beginning of the Lute Olson era.

"They've been my team. I've followed them every year. I've gone to watch them in grade 8 in Chicago where I spent most of my career," said Bichoff.

Thousands have high hopes for the team under Miller and are now holding out for a possible rebound from the team.

"We want the Wildcats to come back and I know it's going to happen, but I think it's going to be a setback for quite awhile," said Bichoff.

Fans told Tucson News Now their emotions will continue to run high as the details of the investigation unfold.

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