Tucson teachers express concerns about carrying firearms

Tucson teachers express concerns about carrying firearms
Many teachers in the Tucson Unified School District have expressed their concerns about being armed, according to a union representative.

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Arming teachers has become a controversial topic following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

On Monday, President Donald Trump met with several governors to talk about gun control.

The president said he wants 20 percent of teachers and school staff trained and armed.

Many governors, including Arizona's Doug Ducey, have come out against putting guns in the hands of teachers.

The Tucson Education Association, the union that represents 4,500 teachers who work for Tucson Unified School District, is weighing in on the topic.

Union President Jason Freed said many teachers have expressed their concern about the idea. He said some teachers have said they'd rather leave the profession than carry a weapon.

He said fixing issues in schools is going to take more than handing a teacher a firearm.

"A number of people have said 'you know it's confusing we can't make sure that we have No. 2 pencils for our students and for our teachers and yet we're going to have a conversation about guns,'" he said.

When asked if any local educators have embraced the idea, Freed said he's only heard from one.

Tucson News Now reached out the TUSD for comment but they have not responded.

Freed said he meets with TUSD superintendent Dr. Gabriel Trujillo every two weeks and said school safety is likely going to be a big topic at their next meeting.

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