KOLD viewers help Oro Valley police catch thief

KOLD viewers help Oro Valley police catch thief

ORO VALLEY, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The Oro Valley Police Department announced that they arrested one of the men suspected in a vehicle break-in back in February, thanks to the help of the community and KOLD viewers.

An Oro Valley homeowner was caught by surprise earlier this year, after thieves went through his truck and took several valuable items.

Tucson News Now spoke with the victim, Chris Cox and how he is sharing the lesson he learned and how it could help others keep their valuables safe.

Cox told us that he doesn't normally park his truck in the driveway, it's always in the garage. This one time he didn't do that.

According to Oro Valley police the suspects got into his unlocked truck and stole his wallet, hunting equipment, and his gun.

"That concerned me right away, just to think there's another gun out there in the hands of somebody that probably shouldn't have it," said Cox. "I was really upset at myself. The fact that some other human being would do that to you."

The suspects used Cox's credit cards at a smoke shop, a Walmart, and for nearly $2,000 at a Lowe's on the east side, according to the OVPD.

OVPD told us that these are crimes of opportunity, because the suspects in these types of crimes will check to see if people's cars are unlocked.

Cox is reminding the public that even thought something is in their possession, people need to secure things, as there are bad people out there.

"Just what they did was wrong, they know it was wrong," said Cox. "These are criminals, these are thieves that are coming into your area to look for a weak moment and opportunity to catch people at a weak moment and that's why I am here today."

OVPD say both suspects were white men in their mid 20's.

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