Tubac community group against putting in commercial gas station

Tubac community group against putting in commercial gas station

TUBAC, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A group has formed against the construction of a commercial gas station off Interstate 19 in Tubac, near Exit 34.

Save Tubac, AZ is petitioning against it, explaining it would damage the rich history and culture the town currently offers.

The group met for the first time on Monday, March 19. Hundreds showed up to oppose the plan.

Bill Dixon, a Tubac resident and member of Save Tubac, AZ told Tucson News Now, "We do not need a 9,000 square foot convenience store and gas station with a thirty-five foot tower over it with a revolving red light, which is in the plans to try and draw people in off the interstate. To sell some booze, some gasoline, and some souvenirs."

Crime, health, and trash are just some of the concerns several locals, like Dixon, have.

Some shop owners in town, though, said they would welcome any extra business.

Rocio Patel, owner of the Tubac Olive Oil company said, "I think having that might be a good idea for people who are traveling perhaps to Nogales."

Patel is open minded but she understands where others may be frustrated.

"If there is a gas station that may bring a lot of souvenirs, it might have an impact on the small owners out here," she explained.

These are dollars some shops may lose out on, but Dixon told us for their business, it will come full circle.

"They better get some good business off the highway like they're hoping for because none of us will spend a penny in that store," said Dixon.

Not everyone is opposed, though. Rio Rico resident Valerie Misinski told TNN, "A reputable service station or convenience store would be welcome." She added, "Although there is a service station in Tubac on the Frontage Road -their prices are always 40 to 50 cents higher per gallon than Tucson. It's a big rip off, but if you need gas you are stuck."

We reached out to the gas station developer and the county for comment. Neither has returned our phone calls.

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