Tucson City Council talks completive compensation

Tucson City Council talks completive compensation

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - They called it the "Retreat." A 3-hour slot for Tucson City Council members to discuss and ask questions of City Manager Michael Ortega, about a retention and completive compensation proposal for city employees.

The council focused on two of the options for compensation. One option giving all employees in the city of Tucson a $1,000 increase in pay.

The other option a 2.5 percent increase for employees that have worked for the city for two years or longer as of April 1, 2018, For those that have worked less than that, it would be a 1 percent increase.

One of the parties interested in this discussion was the Tucson Police Department.

The Tucson Police Officers Association told Tucson News now, they lose eight officers every month to other agencies because of pay. They say, since we have the money we should be using it to pay employees.

There was no decision made on Tuesday, but the council is expected to talk about it again on April 3 during a study session. It is also possible that a decision on the issue could be made that day.

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