KOLD HEROES: Brotherly love runs deep for Tucson men

KOLD HEROES: Brotherly love runs deep for Tucson men

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The heroes in our community often go unnoticed.

But that changes now as KOLD News 13 and Vantage West Credit Union have teamed up to honor those going the extra mile.

What looks like a typical bond between siblings is so much more.

Chris Fair has taken on many new roles to help his little brother Matthew thrive in our community.

"Matthew was born drug and alcohol addicted," Chris said. "Then his real mother shot him up with heroin when he was 3 weeks old."

Matthew got another chance at life when Chris' mom Sharon adopted him.

"They told me that he would be a vegetable his whole life," Sharon said. "They actually encouraged me not to adopt him."

Sharon said she never believed that and Matthew has surpassed all expectations.

"He's extremely intelligent," Chris said. "So what he doesn't show upfront he definitely has some secret talents when it comes to anything to do with electronics."

Sharon said as she aged, caring for Matthew became more challenging.

After several options fell through, Chris stepped in.

"When we talked about it and I said 'You know, this is what you're in for' and he said "I'm OK mom, I'll do this," Sharon said. "That means a lot, still means a lot to me."

Chris found a two-bedroom apartment and Matthew moved in.

"I love him," Chris said. "I did the thing I wanted to do."

Sharon said she wishes everyone could see what Chris sees in Matthew.

"He is a really awesome kid inside," she said. "(I wish) maybe people could take that away."

Sharon said it amazes her Chris, a veteran, is still giving more of himself everyday.

The love between Chris and Matthew is just one of the many stories we want to tell. But we will need your help to do it. Nominate the hero in your life by clicking HERE.

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