Tucson doctor indicted for prescribing opioids

Tucson doctor indicted for prescribing opioids

TUCSON, AZ (AP) - An Arizona grand jury has indicted a Tucson doctor for allegedly prescribing opioids.

State prosecutors say Dr. David Alan Ruben was indicted on 26 felony charges including fraudulent schemes and artifices and administration of narcotic drugs.

It was unclear Wednesday if Ruben has a lawyer yet.

Prosecutors say the 70-year-old Ruben is a medical doctor and board-certified psychiatrist who owns Healthcare Southwest, a pain management medical clinic in Tucson.

The Arizona Medical Board ordered in February 2016 that Ruben was prohibited from prescribing, administering or dispensing certain controlled substances for two years.

Despite the order, authorities say Ruben allegedly prescribed hydrocodone and oxycodone to 11 different patients on 25 separate occasions between September 2016 and March 2017.

Ruben's medical license was suspended by the medical board as of April 2017.

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