UA students aim to stop sexual assault, promote consent on campus

UA students aim to stop sexual assault, promote consent on campus

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The University of Arizona is having its annual "I will" week aimed at raising awareness of sexual assault and promoting consent.

It's the third year the campaign is happening at the university. Organizers of the campaign, run by the Associated Students at the U of A, say they worked to do things a little differently this year - involving more of the faculty and staff.

"I think this campaign is the changing of a culture that says sexual assault is not acceptable," Matt Lubisich of ASUA said. "You know, not only in the student community, in the faculty staff university wide."

The campaign includes events ranging from a panel on law and rape culture to an event called "The Mask You Live In." Organizers say the campaign was originally formed as a local response to a national issue and that they chose the month of April for the campaign because nationally April is sexual assault awareness month.

When the "I will" campaign started in 2015. It was coupled with the "It's On Us" campaign, created by then Vice President Joe Biden. The "I will" campaign later formed when UA students decided they wanted something geared more towards stopping sexual assault on their campus.

"University of Arizona students acknowledge that this a great campaign, but we want make it more specific to the University of Arizona and tailor our messaging to what specifically goes on at the university of Arizona," Lubisich said.

Tonight there will be a panel to discuss law and rape culture at 6 p.m. in the Sabino Room of the student union. Transgender activist Kat Blaque will be holding an event for the campaign called "True Tea Live" at UA Integrated Learning Center Room 120 on Friday, April 6. For more info on the campaign click HERE.

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