Marana police warn warmer weather could mean stranger danger

Marana police warn warmer weather could mean stranger danger

MARANA, AZ (Tucson News Now) - With temperatures rising in southern Arizona, the Marana Police Department is warning that that could mean more children encountering strangers.

An increase in runners, walkers, and bikers along sidewalks in the early morning is expected because it's still relatively cool in the mornings. That's why Marana police are advising that you talk to your children about stranger danger.

Last week Marana police posted a notice on their Facebook page telling parents to be aware that with more people on the streets in the early mornings unfamiliar people may approach children. The post advised parents to remind their children of the "stranger danger" rule.

"Make sure that they're letting them know that there shouldn't be any adult talking to a kid that should be asking them to keep a secret or to go somewhere with them if their parents not around," Sgt. Chriswell Scott of the Marana Police Department said.

Marana police say that parents should do more than just tell their kids not to talk to strangers, they should interactively practice. Instead of just reminding your kids not to talk to strangers Marana police suggest role-playing with your children to practice and know what to do in those situations.

"What we encourage you to do is have conversations with your children and explain to them that it's not that everyone out there is a bad person. You can't really tell a lot of times just by looking at someone if they're a bad person. So just have those conversations about being safe, asking permission before going to those places that you're not in eyesight of your children," Sgt. Scott said.

Should your child be approached by someone they don't know or asked to get in the car of someone they don't know Marana police say it's important to ensure the child knows to tell someone they trust immediately. Following that, they say you need to contact your police department.

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