Neighbors react to planned 7-story high-rise on Fourth Avenue

Neighbors react to planned 7-story high-rise on Fourth Avenue
Source: Tucson News Now

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Fourth Avenue is going to have a very different look soon. The historic street will be getting a modern addition: a seven-story high-rise. It will be the first of its kind along Fourth Avenue.

The high-rise will be going in the space currently occupied by The Flycatcher, 340 E. Sixth Street, on the corner of Fourth Avenue and Sixth Street. Construction is set to begin this summer.

Leading the project is Memphis, TN, group Education Realty Trust Inc. which has contracted the property. EDR specializes in student housing developments. They say the building is not for student housing, but their previous work on the District on 5th building, a student apartment complex one block over, has left many people questioning the company's newest project.

With construction set to start soon, neighborhood residents and nearby business owners are voicing concerns, among them safety, an impact on area maintenance, and noise.

For Steven Rose, who owns businesses in the neighborhood, safety is a major concern. He says he deals with safety issues now with the District on 5th, which is next to his outlet store.

"We're loading up our truck to go to the other stores and I get obscene gestures at me if I'm blocking the way or something," Rose said. "It's been difficult, and I'm concerned someone's gonna get hurt."

Rose did say that amidst the potential negatives of the new apartment building, he does think it could positively impact local business. He thinks bringing in chain businesses to the mostly mom-and-pop store area could be beneficial.

"I know a lot of people are concerned that they're going to rent to chains in the building. That's a big concern of other people. I'm not really against that because I think it would maybe raise the standards a bit on Fourth Avenue. We don't have any real chains and some of the standards of some of the places get low because there's not really competition."

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