TUSD parents prepare for teacher strike

TUSD parents prepare for teacher strike

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Matt Moses waited outside Sam Hughes Elementary Tuesday, April 24 for his daughter to finish school for the day. He'd already made plans to stay home with her when teachers walk out Thursday and potentially Friday as well.

"We already have great schools with almost no money," he said. "I'm all for more money to make our schools better."

Rosalita Campos, waiting outside the midtown school as well, said she would be calling off work Thursday and Friday to make sure her children are safe. She's supported the Tucson Unified School District school before and she's ready to do it again in a different capacity.

"I've gone on field trips, and it takes a lot out of me after just one day," she said. "We do support our teachers. They are great here. I love them."

Schools will still offer food services for anyone student who needs breakfast or lunch, according to Superintendent Gabriel Trujillo. District transportation has been shut down for Thursday and Friday because of how many bus drivers notified administrators that they would be gone.

He said if class still happens on Friday, students who miss because of a lack of transportation will be marked as an excused absence.

The superintendent said he would have liked to have seen more of the walk-ins before educators resorted to a walkout because he believed they were sparking discussion and awareness in the community.

He is not in favor of any action that takes teachers away from students, but Trujillo said he supports the Red for Ed movement and understands their needs. Making any further plans for the district is tough, because Trujillo said they're watching state lawmakers and the educators association for what happens next.

Moses just hopes it will end well for public education and the families who rely on it.

"Historically, I don't think it's going to end well," he said. "I think they're going to probably have to give up the walkout. Hopefully not, because hopefully someone will take them seriously"

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