NOON NOTEBOOK: Protecting your home with Crime Guard

NOON NOTEBOOK: Protecting your home with Crime Guard

TUCSON, AZ - Everyone wants a safe and happy home.

Mike Newton, general manager at Crime Guard, can help you protect your loved ones and property.

Q: Tell us a bit about Crime Guard?

A: Crime Guard is the largest Authorized Crimsafe Dealer in Arizona, offers and installs the full line of Crimsafe Security Screens and Doors.

Crime Guard manufactures all of its products locally. All of our products are custom fit to match your windows, doors, or patio room. When you install our security screens on your home, you can rest assured that you have purchased the strongest and best-looking security products available on the market today.

Q: What makes your screens different than your competitors?

A: A security screen looks like a regular screen but is highly resistant to intrusion.

Crimsafe Security Screens featured by Crime Guard turn your home's entrances into security windows and doors, respectively.

This means that once the security screens are installed, your home will be protected against intruders, burglary, and fire, meeting all your window and door security needs.

Security screens are the most secure and cost-effective solution. Additional benefits include a lower energy bill, they repel excess heat cooling your home, therefore, reducing your air conditioning use. Crimsafe Security Screens by Crime Guard also act as a barrier for insects, as well as filtering dust, dirt, and pollen.

Q: What makes your screens so durable?

A: Crime Guard mesh is sandwiched between two serrated pieces of aluminum that clamp the mesh tight.

One is an aluminum strip with a hook and the other is the frame that the strip hooks into. But then, all three are screwed together with stainless steel tamper-resistant screws and the different components are separated by a rubber bead to eliminate electrolysis that could lead to corrosion.

This combination mechanically fastens the mesh to the frame and creates a barrier that can't be kicked in - this is Crime Guard's unique screw-clamp technology.

Q: Where can Crime Guard screens be installed in my home?

A: Most commonly security screens are installed on your doors and windows.

They can be single hinged, double french or sliding. All of our security screen doors feature the unique patented screw-clamp system, making it nearly impossible to kick, beat, or cut the screen out of the door frame.

Crime Guard safety screens can be fitted to many types of window, with the option of a fixed screen or a Safe-S- Capes screen. Crime Guard Safe-S-Cape screens are keyless emergency exit products for window spaces, they let you quickly exit in a fire or other emergency.

We also fit many patio screens and custom built structures such as dog enclosures. Our products let you secure an exterior area and enhance the living space, as well as make it fly and mosquito proof. Crime Guards screen can reach from floor to ceiling and can be bent to form a roof or a corner to completely enclose your patio or deck space. Adding a new room to your house has never been so easy and cost-effective.

For more information you can visit our showroom on Speedway and Alvernon, or give us a call at 777-3195 to schedule a free, in-home consultation.