FAMILY FINDER: Julian has a huge heart, love of football

FAMILY FINDER: Julian has a huge heart, love of football
Updated: Apr. 25, 2018 at 5:55 PM MST
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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Julian is a 10-year-old sweet boy with a kind heart in need of loving family.

"Julian loves to talk about his culture and explore about his culture," said Karla with Foster Arizona. "His favorite is tamales. He knows exactly what ingredients are included and how it's cooked."

"I like to go to the zoo," Julian said. "I like to go to the park, to skateboard, play on the jungle gym."

Julian is a huge football fan and loves to hit the field.

"He would love to do that as a career and play for his favorite team the Patriots," Karla said.

"Tom Brady is my most favorite player," Julian said.

"He is definitely a competitive kiddo so he will definitely put you up for a challenge," Karla said.

"I want a family with a brother, a sister, a mom and dad," said Julian.

"He would love to be in a two-parent family with a mom and dad that would love and support him and provide him that safe environment he needs," Karla said.

Julian added, "I'm always neat and I get good grades. I want them to love me and care for me."

Julian deserves a family that will love him and support him.

Please help him find a family. If you know anyone who has thought about adopting, please share.

Learn more about adopting Julian, go to Foster Arizona's website.

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