UA graduation: Twins with same name follow same path

Updated: May. 11, 2018 at 9:38 PM MST
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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Meet Michelle Stephanie Celeste and Michelle Stephanie Celeste.

Yes, that was written correctly - twins, with the exact same name.

"My mom put a first on my name and she's the second because she came second," said Michelle the first.

"It's kind of funny and sometimes it's challenging like you have to explain yourself over and over but it's fun. It's just how it is, Jinx." said the twins in unison. "We didn't plan that out. It wasn't a script."

Not only do they share the same name and DNA, they now share the same degree.

At 26 years old the two are now on their way to becoming licensed nurse practitioners. Fulfilling their dreams of helping others.

"It was a very simple decision," said Michelle the first. "We knew that we are passionate in what we do and providing care to people, healing the sick."

Their journeys started in the Philippines, where they grew up and got their undergraduate degrees. In 2015, their journey brought them here to the University of Arizona.

"The day that we started in our program. Coming here, flying here into Arizona and doing our orientation I think that will be the very best memory that I have," Michelle the second said.

And as they take time to celebrate the start of a new chapter, they reflect on the path they took to get here.

"To see our hard work getting paid off and to just be done with with everything and celebrate the hard work, the struggles and accomplishments as well," said Michelle the second.

And they're thankful to have each other through it all.

"It's been a journey and I can't think of anybody else to do it with me than her," said the first.

Just to keep things less confusing, one of them goes by Stephanie, and the other Michelle.

According to the twins they haven't spent more than a few days apart at a time. They work at the same place, and outside of school and work, they're training together for a triathlon later this year.

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