TUCSON TALKS: Digging deeper into Pointless Checkpoints

TUCSON TALKS: Digging deeper into Pointless Checkpoints, Part 1

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Tucson Talks with Craig Thomas offers an opportunity to go in-depth on topics that matter to our viewers.

Newscasts, and most of what we see on social media, are short bursts of information.

Tuscon Talks is a chance to spend more time shining a light and discussing the issues.

In our first podcast, we dig deeper with our KOLD Investigates story about Pointless Checkpoints.

Immigration checkpoints, some of which are 30 miles from the border, are a fact of life in southern Arizona.

There are more than a dozen in our state.

Customs and Border Protection said the checkpoints are important to help with the overall strategy of keeping illegal immigrants and drugs out of the country.

We wanted to know if they work and are they worth the amount of taxpayer money spent to operate them.

Thomas looked at a government report that's gotten very little attention.

The two most striking facts from the report are:

• Only 1 percent of the undocumented immigrants arrested in the Tucson sector are picked up at the checkpoints

• 40 percent of the people arrested for drugs at the checkpoints are American citizens with small amounts of marijuana

In this edition of Tucson Talks, we met with two our of local representatives - Republican Martha McSally and Democrat Raul Grijalva.

They both agree - the checkpoints Don't Work.

Read more about our investigation HERE.

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