BBB: Lottery sweepstakes scam still common, effective

BBB: Lottery sweepstakes scam still common, effective
The Better Business Bureau said lottery sweepstakes scams are still common and effective.

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - It's one of the most serious and common scams that law enforcement and the Better Business Bureau see.

It may seem and sound old, but it's still relevant according to the BBB.

People continue to fall victim to the lottery sweepstakes scam.

Things are so bad, the BBB just released a report how people in the U.S. and Canada have lost millions of dollars. 

In Southern Arizona last year, 2,820 people reported one of these type of scams to the local BBB.

Susann Miller from the Southern Arizona BBB said people seem to think these scams have gone away, but it hasn't and consumers are still losing money.

The scammers have found new ways to reach people. They are using messenger apps and post on social media to reach victims.

They tried with Katherine Lutz, but she wasn't falling for it.

Last month, she received a post claiming she won a sweepstakes.

The prize was $650,000 and all she had to do was send money by Western Union or her bank account.

Lutz knew something was up so she asked questions and figured out it was a scam.

This savvy single mom then called the BBB and reported it. She said she wanted to share her story so other wouldn't lose money.

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