UPDATE: Police identify man involved in SWAT situation on Friday

UPDATE: Police identify man involved in SWAT situation on Friday

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The man who barricaded himself in his midtown apartment has been taken into police custody, according to Sgt. Pete Dugan, spokesman with the Tucson Police Department.

TPD said the suspect is 56-year-old Richard Robertson.

Officers responded to a call that came in around 9 a.m. Friday, about an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, near the intersection of East Fort Lowell and North Richey Blvd.  According to TPD the caller stated he was being held against his will by another man, who threatened him with a knife and would not let him leave.

The caller eventually escaped and called police. The barricaded suspect also called 911 and told them he had poured gasoline all over the apartment and turned on the gas valves, also stating that he was going to hurt himself and burn down the apartment.

Tucson Fire was called to the scene, along with the SWAT unit and hostage negotiators.  According to TPD the person who was held hostage also spoke with the barricaded man. The standoff went on for hours.

Southwest Gas was eventually called in to turn off the gas, and as police and fire crews approached the unit they heard things breaking and saw a large amount of smoke coming from the building.

Firefighters that trained with SWAT teams had hoses ready and once they saw the smoke, hosed it down.

According to TPD, the barricaded man left the apartment and was taken into custody. He was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and could face several charges including - aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, arson and kidnapping.

TPD has not released the name of the suspect.

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