Thief targets midtown Tucson neighborhood for car break-ins

Thief targets midtown Tucson neighborhood for car break-ins

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Caught on camera, a man was seen lurking in a Tucson neighborhood near Roger and Park.

"It's an everyday occurrence. I see and hear about other people's cars being broken into," said one resident Tucson News Now spoke to.

Surveillance footage showed the man constantly checking cars for easy access to steal items.

One Tucson woman brought the issue to our attention, but for her safety, she asked to remain anonymous.

"It's pretty unsettling every night you go to bed and you have to stare at your phone, looking at the activity going on outside your home."

In one video, the suspect can be seen breaking into the trunk of a car, making away with something inside.

The hope from neighbors is that videos can help identify him.

The woman we spoke to said incidents like this are common here.

"I see the helicopters going through our neighborhood. I know it's a crime-filled area to begin with."

She has reported the crime to police, but told us this has been happening off and on for about 6 months. She is concerned that breaking into cars is just the beginning.

"We feel unsafe leaving and then our home is unoccupied."

That feeling of uncertainty is proving enough to drive her out of the neighborhood.

"Just trying to find my next home because I just can't."

In the meantime, she is remembering to lock her doors, and reminds others to do the same. That makes it more difficult for the criminal.

We've reached out to the Tucson Police Department for full details on these incidents, but have not heard back yet.

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