Tucson fire crews practice swift-water rescues ahead of monsoon

Tucson fire crews practice swift-water rescues ahead of monsoon

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - As the monsoon approaches, first responders in Tucson are making sure they are ready for swift-water rescue calls.

Crews have been practicing for the past couple of months at washes across the city. The training includes rope-throwing drills, swimming practice at pools and rescue simulations.

They use the ladder on the fire truck to pick up mannequins from washes.

Firefighters like Matthew Jones practice the techniques weekly to improve their speed and efficiency.

Jones said when the call comes in, crews must be ready at a moment's notice.

While they are doing their part to be prepared, they want you to do your part and avoid the situation all together.

Fire officials urge you to pay attention to flood signs and avoid driving through flooded roads.

"If it (crossing a flowing wash) looks questionable, don't do it. If that thought even goes into your head that, 'Should I be doing this?' don't do it," Jones said. "It's not worth it, you know, taking the extra 20 minute event 30 minute detour is better than getting stuck in there, and suddenly your car's gone or you're in trouble or worse, somebody dies."

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