Kirkpatrick's name to appear on Aug. 28 ballot

Kirkpatrick's name to appear on Aug. 28 ballot
Ann Kirkpatrick.

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A judge has ruled congressional candidate Ann Kirkpatrick can appear on the Aug. 28 primary ballot even though her residency information was incorrectly stated on some of her campaign documents.

A lawsuit funded by one of Kirkpatrick's opponents sought to kick her off the ballot.

It alleged she falsely claimed she lived in Tucson, when she actually resides in Phoenix.

Kirkpatrick says she has been living in Tucson for more than a year.

Judge Joshua Rogers said although some of Kirkpatrick's nominating petitions incorrectly used her prior Tucson address, this doesn't invalidate her petitions signatures needed to get on the ballot.

The lawsuit was funded by the campaign of former state Rep. Matt Heinz, one of Kirkpatrick's Democratic opponents.

Kirkpatrick faces former state Reps. Bruce Wheeler and Heinz and others in the Aug. 28 Democratic primary for Congressional District 2.

Renae Eze, the Arizona Communications Director for the Republican National Committee, released the following statement after the judge's decision.

"Carpetbagger Ann Kirkpatrick defrauded and mislead voters, making it clear that her only concern is her own ambition," Eze said. "While the judge may have ruled that she is a resident of Tucson and intends to remain so, the shelf-life of Ann Kirkpatrick's 'intent' is only through November. After which she will pack her bags and move to her next politically beneficial residency."

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