Family Finder: Nehimiah waiting for family with big heart


TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - "Nehimiah is 4 years old. He came into foster care as an infant and came in due to trauma and abuse as a really young child," said Simrit Khalsa from Arizona's Children Association.

Nehimiah has been lucky enough to be placed with a great foster family but he is need of a permanent home.

"He loves to be cuddled. He loves listening to music," Simrit said.

Music really makes Nehimiah light up.

"In the car, he'll actually sing along a little bit, but he'll show signs of being really happy and relaxed when listening to music."

This sweet boy needs a family with a big heart that can provide a safe and loving home.

"A family for Nehimiah would really have to advocate for him. ... He's nonverbal for the most part," Simrit said.

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Nehimiah needs full-time care and his services will follow him to his forever family.

"So his daily schedule kind of looks like a lot of administering his medicines, making sure he's being fed, and also adjusting him so that's he's comfortable because he can't move for himself."

Nehimiah can hear but can't see really well. You can show him he's cared for through lots of hugs and kisses.

"His foster mom will just get him in her arms and just cuddle him really tight and do a lot of talking and singing with him," Simrit said.

Arizona's Children Association is hoping a family will do just that, pick Nehimiah right up and just love him.

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