KOLD INVESTIGATES: Are MS-13 members crossing into Arizona?

KOLD INVESTIGATES: Are MS-13 members crossing into Arizona?

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - KOLD Investigates found out how big of an issue MS-13 gang members are in our area.

MS-13 is a notorious, criminal gang. It was started by Central Americans living in Southern California. It spread to other countries, including El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

President Donald Trump says the MS-13 gang is a huge problem when it comes to immigration. On Wednesday, June 20th he said " we're throwing by the thousands MS-13, they come into the country. We're throwing them out by the thousands but we need laws that don't allow them to come back in."

I wanted to find out how many MS-13 members have been arrested in the Tucson Sector since October - that's when the fiscal year begins for the federal government.

Customs and Border Protection told me they didn't have that information. So I went through every single news release C.B.P. has sent out.

Here's what I found:

10 people have been taken into custody with ties to MS-13 in the Tucson sector.

* In the entire country, 275 people with ties to MS-13 have been taken into custody.

* During the same time frame, about 252,000 illegal immigrants have been taken into custody along the southern border.

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