DEATH ROW DOGS: Arizona couple opens home to animals scheduled to be killed

DEATH ROW DOGS: Arizona couple opens home to animals scheduled to be killed

HUACHUCA CITY, AZ (Tucson News Now) - You might think you are an animal lover.

That just means you haven't met Gary and Shirley Kriesel.

The couple and their adopted son take in animals with nowhere else to go, many of them scheduled to be euthanized.

"Whatever little time we have with the, they know that in their final days people stepped up and loved them," says Shirley Kriesel. "We take them all, and we give them the love they deserve."

Dogs buried alive, blinded by acid, used for fighting, and so many more have ended up in their care.

The couple has nearly two dozen dogs and more than 30 other animals including alpacas, donkeys, goats, pigs, and turkeys.

"I'm drawn to each and every one," says Gary Kriesel, a retired military veteran. "Each one has its own personality."

The family spends thousands of dollars a year of their own money to save them.

"Whenever we get a call, we kinda look at each other, but I usually always go whats one more mouth to feed?'"

The couple took in a dog with her eight puppies last week.

"They all have their own story so its just incredible to see how they started to how they are now," says Logan Kloepper, Gary and Shirley's adopted son. "When they first get here they are all like 'why are we here, whats going to happen to us?' but now they just love it."

Shirley Kriesel is a cancer and child abuse survivor. She says her past gives her strength.

Strength to give all of her animals all of the love they can take.

"I think everybody needs love, that's the bottom line," she says. "Everybody."

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