Travelers land in triple-digit temperatures

Updated: Jun. 22, 2018 at 6:41 PM MST
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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - If you live in Southeastern Arizona, you are prepared for the triple-digit temperatures in the summer.  But, for some travelers, that is not the case.

"Nobody warned me at all about the temperatures," said Bryanna Rivas at Tucson International Airport Friday.  Even from West Palm Beach, Florida, Rivas said she was shocked by the heat walking out of the airport with her three children.

"Wow, it's hot," said Rivas.  "It's really hot, a different kind of hot, it's dry."

Rivas and her family are driving to Mexico for vacation, with a stop at Walmart on the way for sunscreen.  With outdoor activities like fishing and swimming planned, Rivas said she will be sure everyone drinks plenty of water.

"It's going to be less sodas and more water, definitely," said Rivas.

Not all travelers were hit by the heat.  For Donald Copcroft, the warm weather is more than welcome.

"This is beautiful," Copcroft said waiting for a shuttle to a hotel outside the airport.  Copcroft is from a town about 40 miles outside Sydney, Australia.

"It had snowed on the mountains and normally we would get a frost in the mornings, we didn't get a frost when I left, but it was two degrees Celsius," he said.

That is about 35-degrees Fahrenheit.  Copcroft, who is in town for a conference, not only flew through time zones, but seasons.

Copcroft said he is prepared for the triple-digits since this isn't the first time he made a trip from "Down Under" to the desert.

"We both got water and medications, yes,"  Copcroft said.

Firefighters with the Tuscon Airport Authority Fire Department greeted travelers this week, handing out bottled water and tips for the heat.

Airlines also monitor the high temperatures, which could impact travel.  A representative with Delta Airlines said Friday a team of meteorologists out of Atlanta, Georgia are always monitoring conditions.

With high temperatures, the weight a plane can carry may be adjusted, whether with cargo or passengers.  The representative also said there are A/C units a plane will plug into at gates across the country.   To keep the cabin cool, flight attendants will put the screens down on the windows.

The good news, the triple-digit temperatures are not expected to impact any travel in or out of Southeastern Arizona.  The Delta representative said evaluating any cancellations or changes tend to start around 120-degrees or higher.

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