How to protect yourself from bobcats

How to protect yourself from bobcats
(Source: Arizona Game and Fish Department)
(Source: Arizona Game and Fish Department)

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A man is recovering after he was attacked by a bobcat over the weekend in Bisbee.

The man said he was walking in a neighborhood street off Naco Highway when he spotted the animal hiding in a bush.

He told deputies he immediately let go of his dog and instructed it to go home.

He said that's when the cat lunged at him – not the dog. The man told deputies the bobcat bit his arm until his wife arrived and honked the horn of her car, scaring off the animal.

Arizona Game and Fish said this is not typical behavior for bobcats. However, if you find yourself in a similar situation, here's what you should do, according to DesertUSA.

  • Stay as far away as possible
  • Immediately protect children and small pets
  • Back away from the bobcat slowly
  • Don’t run as that could trigger a pursuit
  • If you can, spray the animal with water
  • Make a lot of noise (blow an air horn)

There are things you could do to keep the animals away from your home in the first place. To learn more, click HERE.

If you are attacked, wildlife experts say to defend yourself and fight back.

They add you should immediately seek medical attention as bobcats that attack likely have symptoms of rabies.

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