Family Finder: Noah has a passion for life

Family Finder: Noah has a passion for life

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - "We spent four and half years with Noah. He's like a huge toddler all the time and he's so happy."

Noah's foster mom, Norma, says he has a passion for life.

"He loves to go to the grocery store. He loves to go to school. He loves to dance; he loves music He's just a great kid," Norma said.

Noah communicates through body language.

"He'll touch your face. He'll put his head on your shoulder or your lap," Norma said.

Snuggles, hugs, and kisses are his favorite.

"Could be sitting here or the recliner and he will come and climb on your lap with his blanket. Whether you want the blanket or not it's coming with him," Norma said.

Jennifer with Foster Arizona said, "Noah has experienced a whole lot of love and patience and caring in his current foster home and he's going to have to transition to a home that he gets just as much love and care and patience as he's getting now."

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Noah needs a family with two parents. It would be extremely helpful if one parent can stay home.

"Noah is also going to need a family that is experienced in caring for children who have medical needs or is willing to learn and be trained in how to care for Noah," Jennifer said.

Noah is enrolled in services and those will follow him to his forever home.

"He needs to be fed on a regular basis. He needs his medications on time that keeps him healthy, that keeps him happy, and it is work to take care of him. But the joy that he brings far outweighs the work you're going to put in," Norma said.

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