Deadline for signatures to get measures on 2018 ballots

Deadline for signatures to get measures on 2018 ballots

Tucson News Now - The November 2018 election is just about four months away, but those hoping to get their initiatives on the ballot have reached one major deadline.

Thursday, July 5 is the last day to gather signatures for initiatives, amendments to the state constitution, recalls, and referendums hoping to make it on ballots for the 2018 state election.

There are 12 initiative measures, two recalls, five amendments to the state constitution, and four referendum petitions. All of them must get enough signatures for you to see them on your November ballot. Initiative measures need 150,642 signatures, constitutional amendments need 225,963 signatures, and referendum petitions need 75,321 signatures.

The amendments aiming to make November ballots cover topics ranging from legalizing marijuana to promoting renewable energy sources required by the year 2030 by making electric utilities get a minimum of 50 percent of their annual retail sales of electricity from renewable energy sources.

Among the 12 initiatives, topics range from joining the state of Arizona to an interstate agreement to elect the president by national popular vote to making it legal to grow hemp. One initiative arguably stemming from the Red for Ed movement- the "Invest in Education" initiative which seeks to raise income taxes 3.46 percent on people making more than a quarter million dollars and by 4.46 percent on people making over half a million dollars. It says that 60 percent of those new monies would go to teacher salaries and 40 percent would go to operations.

In terms of the two recalls that you could be voting for, there's one to recall Gov. Doug Ducey and one to recall Sen. John McCain. The recall for McCain cites as the reasoning McCain's being absent from serving Arizona citizens by not answering phone calls and emails. It also cites his being ill as potentially keeping him from doing his job.

And finally, of the four referendums that Arizonans could be voting on in November the topics range from increasing the enrollment cap of Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (a.k.a school vouchers) until 2022 to prohibiting payment for collecting signatures for an initiative or referendum.

All potential initiatives, recalls, amendments to the state constitution, and referendums that could be on your November ballot are available for you to read on Secretary of Arizona State Michelle Reagan's website here.

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