FAMILY FINDER: Anthony loves to play, have fun and laugh

Family Finder: Anthony looking for forever home

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Today's child up for adoption is Anthony.

"He loves to play. Loves to have fun. He loves to laugh," said Kelli, who has been Anthony's foster mom for four years. She says he is full of joy. "He just loves, loves the outdoors. He likes to go camping. He's pretty flexible in so many ways."

Anthony has fun where ever he goes. When he's not outside, he loves learning on his iPad.

"He loves his iPad. He can work that thing better than me, like he can get into the settings. He's absolutely genius with it," According to Kelli, he's smart and loves to learn. "Everything we've taught him he's learned. Sometimes it takes a long time but he's never not been able to pick something up."

To learn more about adopting Anthony contact Arizona's Children Association at

Anthony needs a family that can provide him with care 24/7.

"He's learning how to get dressed but you have to assist him with that so pretty much we call that total care," Kelli said.

But the most important thing he needs is love.

"He laughs when he's happy. He cries when he's sad. He loves to be hugged and kissed and just loved on," said Kelli. "Everything that you put into him you will get out a million times over. He's an amazing fun kid."

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