Chasing the storm, one photo at a time

Chasing the storm, one photo at a time

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - We have shown you the wind, the rain and lightning from monsoon storms. Each can cause some serious damage.

Before the storms hit local neighborhoods, there are some adrenaline junkies that try to get ahead of it - so they can get the perfect shot.

Tucson News Now spent several hours with storm chaser Lori Bailey and there is no question that she has a passion for photographing storms.

Following Bailey is exciting and intense. She's only been chasing storms for three years.

Bailey said she loves weather and finds beauty in the sometimes very violent storms. Her passion for weather and storms started at a young age. Bailey had the dream of one day being a meteorologist, but family and work took her on a different path.

Before she even had thoughts of becoming a storm chaser Bailey had a very serious encounter with our sometimes unpredictable storms.

In 2001, she was helping what she thought was a stranded driver and was struck by lighting. She says, the one thing that she remembers is how the jolt felt through her body. The next day, Bailey could not move because she was so sore, but she survived the lightning strike without any external injuries.

Since 2015, Bailey has been out in front of the storms taking pictures. She said has taken millions of photos of storms in Arizona.

Bailey learned her craft by watching others and taking picture after picture after picture. She likes to take photos form certain locations to get the shot she wants.

One thing she doesn't like to see in her pictures are power lines. However, she loves to share her pictures with family, friends and online.

Not only does Bailey take pictures of the storm. She's also an advanced storm spotter and reports to the National Weather Service.

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