Family Finder: Mariah, Fabian and Auidriana, all wishing for a family to love & support them

Family Finder: Three siblings looking for forever family

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - There are three amazing kids that you need to meet - Mariah, Fabian, and Auidriana, all are wishing for a family that will love and support them.

"Mariah, she's nice. She plays with me a lot," Fabian said. This is one brother who loves to have his sisters around.

"Mariah enjoys drawing. She's been working on a scrapbook and photo album for a while," said Kurtis with Foster Arizona.

Mariah is very creative and wants be a photographer when she grows up.

"What I love about Fabian is he's really nice. He's kind. He's really helpful," said Mariah.

"Fabian is very considerate and compassionate. He really enjoys soccer," Kurtis said.

Then there's the baby sister. Auidriana loves being around people and her siblings.

"She really has a strong connection with them because she's been with them since she's been born," Kurtis said.

It's very important for these there to stay together.

"They definitely want a traditional family in the sense of having the mom and dad," Kurtis said.

Kurtis adds the trio would benefit from older siblings as well.

"And I just want a family that like will treat me like I'm their own kid, not like an adoptive kid," Mariah said.

To learn more about Mariah, Fabian, and Auidriana contact Kurtis with Foster Arizona at or at (602) 350-6662.

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