Tucson's east side sees damage after Friday night storm

Updated: Jul. 28, 2018 at 5:22 PM MST
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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The damage from Friday night's storm was easily visible on Tucson's east side, near Broadway and Freeman.

Broken trees and twisted signs were among the sights you could see along Broadway on Saturday morning. On Freeman, strong winds ruined the roofs of several people. Neighbors with their own weather equipment in the area said they clocked winds as high as 95 miles per hour on Friday night.

The Red Cross stepped in to help one family on Freeman Road. Their home is no longer livable after what they believe was a micro-burst hit their home. The National Weather Service has yet to confirm whether or not it was a micro-burst.

Around the corner, off of 8th Street, lives Will Moore.

He and his mom were inside their home, next to their front window, when they heard the storm hit.

"We heard a snap, looked out her front window, and the tree -- the mesquite right in front of her room -- that was the first thing to go down."

It was the first of many. He showed Tucson News Now much of the damage on Saturday.

One of his beloved saguaros is no longer upright, it's now lying on its side. His large backyard ironwood tree collapsed on his fence.

Several other trees and plants are broken, including a mesquite tree his mother planted decades ago. The nature around his home took a beating.

What startled him most, though, was his roof.

"Water was pouring down in front of the big screen TV and all the other electronics. We started yanking cords out of the wall," he said.

Clean up crews surrounded his home Saturday morning. Bags of damp trash and piles of black roofing tile could be seen littered around the yard. It was a similar sight for many of his neighbor's homes.

"All my neighbors have lost a roof or have gotten damage from storms coming through Reddingon Pass."

Moore told TNN storm damage is something you just get have to used to around living around there.

He's just glad everyone he knows is safe.

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