Charismatic Damian, shy Rose want a forever family to share

Family Finder: Two siblings looking for forever family

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Damian and Rose always seem to smile when they're together.

"They take care of each other. They both really like the arts," said Jodi Roberts, their case manager with the Department of Child Safety.

12-year-old Damian has dreams of making it big in Hollywood and on Broadway.

"To be in movies or a TV series," Damian said.

"Damian is very charismatic. He is very outgoing. He loves to be the center of attention," Roberts said.

8-year-old Rose is a little more on the shy side. She loves math.

"Because you learn a lot ... a lot of math equations," Rose said.

And Rose loves books. She said her favorite book is The Princess and the Pea.

"Because she's a princess."

"They are just so happy to see each other. They talk about future stuff. They talk about wanting a forever family. They talk about being adopted together," Roberts said.

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Right now, Damian and Rose are in separate group homes.

"I think if I can find a family, whether it's two parents or a single parent that will keep them together and become their family," Roberts said.

"She's very good and I want to stay with her," Damian said.

When Rose thinks of a forever family, she also tells Roberts she wants her brother by her side.

"I want a family that will keep me and my brother together and one that will make nachos."

"I said, 'You want nachos?' She said, 'Yes!' I said, 'OK … I will find someone that will make you nachos,'" Roberts said.

Nachos are the way to Rose's heart and for Damian, he wants a family that cheer him on in the crowd.

"Someday when I'm a big star in New York they'll come to New York and see me on Broadway."

"They're just really happy kids. They're missing one thing and that's family," Roberts said.

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