Avoid post-storm damage scams this monsoon

Avoid post-storm damage scams this monsoon

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The monsoon season can wreak havoc on homes, and it can also attract scammers looking to take advantage of homeowners.

The BBB urges residents to be extra careful with people who claim to be contractors, especially if they're going door-to-door.

"They go and they target the owner. So whether it's a house or a business owner, they're really out there trying to talk them out of their money, and their whole scheme is to make promises that they don't keep," Susann Miller, with the BBB, said.

Miller urges people not to act immediately without doing their homework.

"Because everyone is in a panic at that point, they need to get something fixed right away. Nobody has time to do the normal vetting that you would normally do but you want to. You want to slow down. Don't react out if emotion," she said.

You can report scams to the BBB HERE:

Here are some red flags you can look out for provided by the BBB:

  • Does company vehicle have a logo?
  • Do the business cards have contact information?
  • Do they have a business license &ROC#? Confirm HERE
  • How many years in business?
  • Do they have testimonials?

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