Monsoon storms means uptick in mosquitoes

Monsoon leads to mosquitoes

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - An increase in monsoon storms means mosquitoes are becoming more active.

Homeowner Vanesa Hartley said she doesn't have any issues with the pests because she takes extra precautions around her home.

"We know that here anytime there's standing water and tires and old stuff that it's going to attract mosquitoes and things, so we just make sure we don't have any standing water around," she said.

Josh Tennenbaum with Arizona Pest Control said he anticipates an increase in calls within the next couple of weeks.

"Usually after the first few rains about 14 to 30 days out we start getting an influx of mosquito calls cause of the stagnant water and breeding takes place," he said.

Tennenbaum said by removing standing water, homeowners can disrupt the pests life cycles.

"Right now they're probably eggs and they're be going to larvae depending on the temperatures and the species, and then they need seven to 14 days to develop to adults," he explained.

He said homeowners can also use dunks to place in areas where water tends to gather. If things get bad, homeowners should leave it to the professionals.

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