PROP 407: Tucson breaks down parks bond on November ballot

City of Tucson breaks down parks bond
The City of Tucson is breaking down the parks bond that will appear on the November ballot. (Source: Tucson News Now)
The City of Tucson is breaking down the parks bond that will appear on the November ballot. (Source: Tucson News Now)

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A drop in the temperature always draws more people outside.

"He gets a little cabin fever inside the home," said James Vernoy.

That includes Vernoy and his family, who just moved to Tucson within the last couple of years.

They likes to be out even when it's hot, and show up early in the morning -- but they wish they could stay out a little later.

"It'd be nice to to have a little more shade to get a break from the heat."

Lucky for him, some shade for Reid Park is in the budget under Prop 407. That's the parks bond headed to voters in November.

Lane Mandle, who works with the City of Tucson, explained to us that safety was a priority when breaking down the repairs and renovations for parks under the bond.

The proposal would take $225 million of existing bond money and put it into renovating just about every park in town.

Everything from green ways, walkability projects, new playgrounds and new parks as a whole are on the list.

With this much going on, the City wanted to find a way to help break it down.

By clicking each park, you can see how much of that money could be spent on that specific park.

At Reid Park, there's more than $5 million set aside for renovations.

That would include fixing up their outdoor event space, putting shade on the playground, and adding a splash pad for children.

It's something Vernoy said he can get behind, so he can continue bonding with his wife and son in the Arizona heat, but comfortably.

"Get that energy off and have a good time as a family. We really like to do that."

Mandle told Tucson News Now if the bond does not pass in November, there is not another way to pay for the projects under Prop 407. She also said there isn't another bond program in the wings. The Parks and Recreation department and the connections to the parks is the City's current focus.

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