Tuition rulings leaves DACA students uncertain about college future

Tuition rulings leaves DACA students uncertain about college future

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - As DACA recipients head back to college, many may have to pay triple for tuition.

Back in April the Arizona Supreme Court ruled so-called Dreamers did not qualify for in-state tuition, saying it's a public benefit.

DACA students attending the state's universities could be eligible to pay 150 percent of the in-state tuition rate, which is $12,000 at the University of Arizona.

That means they would pay about $18,000 at Arizona instead of the full out-of-state tuition rate of about $36,000.

The same is not the case, however, for colleges like Pima Community College. Students there must pay the full out-of-state rate.

Both UA and PCC don't know yet what kind of impact it is having as enrollment estimates are not solidified. However, advocates worry it could lead to DACA recipients d ropping out or at least taking less classes.

The U of A is helping students offset the extra cost through private donations. PCC has helped students connect with a variety of scholarships.

Both have expressed disappointment in the ruling.

UA President Robert C. Robbins released the following statement:

I am disappointed that our DACA students will no longer qualify for the tuition rate that their resident classmates pay. In conjunction with the Arizona Board of Regents, we will comply with the ruling and support our DACA students to continue their education at the UA. At the same time, we continue to encourage Congress to create a legislative solution that provides certainty for all DACA students in achieving their educational potential.

PCC also released a similar statement. Click HERE to read it.

PCC said it hopes to get a better outlook on the impact by the spring semester.

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